My Dream Home 我的梦想家园

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My Dream Home


My Dream Home  我的梦想家园

  I have a dream home. It is a big and beautiful villa in the downtown of Shanghai.

我有一个梦想中的家。 它是上海市中心的一座大而美丽的别墅。

  There is a neat path in front of my villa. Behind the villa is a lovely garden, where there are a great number of flowers and trees. A large lawn is in the garden, too. We enjoy reading and running there!

我的别墅前面有一条整洁的小路。 别墅后面是一个美丽的花园,那里有大量的花草树木。 花园里还有一片大草坪。 我们喜欢在那里阅读和跑步!

  There are five floors in my villa. My family members live on the ground floor and the second floor because it is convenient for us.

我的别墅有五层楼。 我的家人住在一楼和二楼,因为对我们来说很方便。

  A swimming pool is being built on the third floor and it will be completed in three months. I cannot wait to swim in such a big and clean swimming pool!

三楼正在建设一个游泳池,将在三个月内完工。 我迫不及待地想在这么大又干净的游泳池里游泳!

  The training centre of the fourth floor has been built for two years. We can spend our hours studying and playing there. We have a great supermarket on the fifth floor and everything can be found there. You can never imagine that a robot works for us and all the housework is finished very quickly by Ron the robot!

四楼的培训中心已经建成两年了。 我们可以在那里学习和玩耍。 我们在五楼有一家很棒的超市,那里什么都有。 你永远无法想象机器人为我们工作,机器人罗恩很快就能完成所有家务!

  How I wish I can realize my dream and have such a wonderful villa!


My Dream Home  我的梦想家园


My Dream Home 我的梦想家园
《My Dream Home 我的梦想家园》
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