The Tour of Beijing 北京旅游

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The Tour of Beijing(时间顺序+过去时+细节描述+形容词的感受)


      Last month, I had a trip to Beijing with my family. It was really an impressive trip(令人印象深刻得旅行). We all had a good time there.


      At first, we wanted to go there by plane, but the plane tickets were so expensive, so we chose the high-speed train at last. It took us about 8 hours to get there. When we arrived at Beijing railway station, we were so tired that we took a taxi to a hotel. And we planed to begin our trip the next day.


      On the first day, we got up at 2:30 a.m. to see the flag-raising ceremony. When we arrived at Tianan' men Square, there were already a lot of people. When the flag-raising ceremony began, people all made a video excitedly. The flag-raising ceremony lasted(持续) only a few minutes. And then we went to visit the Great Wall. It was so long and steep. we took many pictures and we enjoyed delicious Beijing Duck at a local restaurant that night.


    Do you know Niaochao? Our national stadium. It was very big and famous. The building was built in 2003 and finished at 2008. Its shape was very peculiar(不寻常的). We took some pictures there on the second day.


     On the third day, we went to see the Tsinghua University ----a dream school of most Chinese students. One day, I want to study at Tsinghua University too.


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The Tour of Beijing 北京旅游
《The Tour of Beijing 北京旅游》
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