The Little Stars 小小明星

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Today, as the media are so developed, people get famous much easier than before. As the celebrities, they earn much money, thus many young people want to be famous. Now even the little children can find the way to be famous. Some people treat the children as the tool to make money, what they do is not good for the children.

There are many TV live show, the audience are so curious about the celebrities' private life, so the producers pay a lot of money to invite the celebrities' families to come the live show. As the show is new and can satisfy the audience's curiosity, so the live show become a great success, many children are known to the audience, they get fame in the early age.

In order to make money, some celebrities let their children expose in the media all the time, when they join the commercial activities, they bring their kids just for catching the audience and the media' attention. In the long run, their kids lose childhood and also miss some time for education.

Children should be na?ve and go to school, thus they can grow in a better way.