Chinatown Around the World 全世界的唐人街

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It is known to all that Chinese people are all around the world and there is a place for them to live and work. It is called Chinatown. As it is full of Chinese flavor, Chinatown has been one of the hottest tourist sites for visitors.

The biggest Chinatown is in San Francisco. The early Chinese immigrants came to America in search of gold. The men left their wives and children to seek for the wealth. As more and more Chinese people came to America to pursue their dreams, they gathered together and made the place they lived as a small town. That's how Chinatown came.

Today, Chinatown has been the symbol of Chinese culture and tradition. Many foreigners visit there to learn Chinese culture. They are so interested in it as our country becomes stronger and have the great influence on the world. Chinatown can be found outside the United States, such as Thailand and Vietnam, though they are small countries, they have Chinatown as the hot sites.

Chinatown is the place to bring Chinese people together, at the same time, it also lets the world know more about China.