The History of Chinatown 唐人街历史

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China has the largest population in the world. As a result, no matter where we go, we can always see our people around. The foreign media play the joke that Chinese people are invading their countries. Almost in every country, there is a Chinatown, where Chinese people live and work.

There is no doubt that the biggest Chinatown is in San Francisco, whose history can be tracked back more than 100 years ago. At that time, the old China was very poor and many men came to California to seek for gold. They wished came back as rich persons, but very unluckily, most of them lived the poor life and they gathered in a place, which known as Chinatown today.

Chinatown is a place for Chinese people to live and work. As more and more Chinese people gather in every corner of the world, Chinatown is built everywhere. We can see the familiar style when we get there, which makes people feel like at home. For foreign friends, they want to learn Chinese culture in this place, so Chinatown also spreads Chinese tradition to the world.