Women Are Not Equal With Men? 女子不如男?

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Women and men make up of the world, In many countries, women and men are never really equal, it has been admitted that men have advantages over women since they are born. So most people accept the idea that women are not as capable as men. In my opinion, women and men are different, there is no need to compare them.

Women and men are different genders, it is obvious that men are stronger than women, so they have more power to do the physical work. In tradition, men have the responsibility to raise the family, so their main duty is to earn money. For women, their main duty is to do the house work, they cook the dinner and clean the house. Some people think that earn money is bigger thing, so they think men are capable than women.

Different gender means different ability, men are good at physical work, while women are good at house work, both of the work are not easy to do. If you ask a man to do the house work, they even can't finish it.

In a word, women and men work in the different way, there is no idea that which are more capable.

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