Alipay Is Everywhere 支付宝无处不在

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For a long time, China as a developing country, was criticized for copying the foreign technology. But now, we have the advanced technology-online payment. Alipay is not only popular at home, but will take over the foreign market soon. This is a great technology for us to be proud of.

Alipay takes the lead in the online payment. Though credit card is once the popular way to pay, Alipay replaces it by the more convenient way. As cell phone has been part of people's life, everyone brings cell phone at hand no matter where they go. The function of Alipay is closely link with cell phone, so we can just finish paying our bills with cell phone. How fast and convenient it is.

The inspiring news is that more and more foreign countries have the plan to join Alipay, because if they want to win Chinese tourists' hearts, they need to follow the trend. The popularity of Alipay shows Chinese economy power is increasing. The role we play can't be ignored and our country is becoming stronger. Every Chinese feel so delighted to see it.