Playing Firecracker 放鞭炮

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The Spring Festival comes, it is the biggest day for Chinese people, as a child, I am so happy, because I can not only get the lucky money from the relatives, but also can play with my friends. We like to play firecracker very much, we can play it only in the new year, because it is dangerous and we need to take care with it.

When I was in my hometown which is a small village, I could play firecracker anywhere, people would not blame me for playing the firecracker, but when I moved to the city, I found people less play it, if they want to play the firecracker, they need to stay away from the crowed. Indeed, it is necessary for people to play it in the remote zone, the firecracker will get exploded in a moment, so it will hurt the people.
家乡 My Hometown'>我的家乡在一个小村庄里,当我在家乡的时候,我能随处玩鞭炮,人们不会因为玩鞭炮而责怪我,但是当我搬到城市里,我发现人们很少玩,如果他们想要玩鞭炮,就得远离人群。确实,对于人们来说在边远的地带是有必要的,鞭炮会在瞬间爆炸,会伤害到人。

When we play the firecracker, we must learn to protect ourselves, too. Once the firecracker is lighted, we need to react quickly and drop it right now. As the firecracker will explode in two seconds, we also need to react in the short time.

Playing firecracker brings people a lot of fun, but we need to take care.