The Amazing Beach Party 美妙的海滩派对

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I love summer so much. Though the weather is really hot, I can enjoy the beach. Every summer holiday, I will go back to my hometown and enjoy my summer hour. There is a beautiful beach near my house, so I can do many sport in the beach with my friends. This summer, we held a big party.

The idea came when I looked back at the past days with my friends. We felt time went so fast and wanted to do something special, so holding a beach party was put forward. We asked many people to join in and they were so active to support us. My grandma said her friends wanted to dance, and we were so excited to have them join in.

When the night came, my grandma and her friends danced in front of people, and won great applause. The young people also presented their performance. The most exciting part was to play games. People cheered for us. It was such a great party for us.

No matter where I am, I will never forget this great beach party.