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A trip to Beijing(过去时+细节描述)

May 15th, 2023 was a very special day for me. I went to Beijing by train on that day. I was very happy because I would see the capital of China---Beijing, a really great city in China!


Beijing is one of the biggest cities in China. There are lots of places of interest(名胜), such as the Palace Museum, the Summer Palace, and the Great Wall·····Lots of visitors from different countries come to Beijing every year.


I stayed in Beijing for three days. During these days, I visited many good places. When I was in the Palace Museum, I really didn't know the directions(方向). It is very large. People will spend four hours if they want to travel around it. All the things in it are very nice. Although they were made more than 500 years ago, they look very beautiful. When we were in Palace Museum, we saw a special chair. It was for the emperor and it was made of gold. Each of the visitors said that it is really nice after they visited the Palace Museum.


When we went to the Great Wall, I was very excited because it is the most famous place of interest(名胜古迹) in China. On the way to the top of the Great Wall, I ran very fast all the time. When I was at the top of the Great Wall, I thought I was a hero!


Three days is too short for me. Beijing is a very good and modern city.I believe Beijing will be the best in the future.


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A trip to Beijing 北京旅行
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