The days of my future 我的未来生活英语作文

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The days of my future 我的未来生活英语作文

With the rapid development of hi-tech,our life will change a lot in many ways in the future.


Now, people are getting richer and richer. Let's think, what will the life be like in the future?


In the future, we won't have to change many clothes every day.


We will wear a kind of special clothes.We can be warm when we feel cold and be cool when we feel hot.They will have many beautiful colours. We can change the colour we like anytime.


In the future, there are more and more kinds of food we can choose.They will be much more delicious than now.


They will not be expensive.We can buy them with little money. Isn't it wonderful?


In the future, all of us will live in beautiful houses. It can move anywhere.


When we want to change the place we live, it will take us quickly without any trouble.


In the future, we won't have to go to work by bus or bike. Everyone will have a small but useful plane, we can go anywhere we like by plane. How great will be !


In the future, maybe each family will have a robot. Our mother won't be busy at housework, they won't be tired. When we feel bad, we won't have to go to hospital to see a doctor.


The teachers won't need to go to school to work because they can teach students through World Wide Web.


Life in the future will be much more wonderful than now, I think it will come true.



The days of my future 我的未来生活英语作文

My future will be happy. I already graduated at that time from the university. I will have a stable work.I will have my family, my husband,and a lovely child. What will be my future job?

I have many ideals. I want to work as a singer, stands on the stage sings for the people; I want to work as a nurse, cure illness, brings the health for the people; I want to work as a pilot, drives the airplane in the blue sky; I want to work as a gardener, with a little bit sweat irrigation flowers, lets our life forever fill the green. After growing up.I want to ba a teacher.I will have many students.Every day I will give many classes to them. I will become a teacher who is always preparing my lessons.I can certainly be a good teacher in the future.

I will also be a volunteer of my city. I will help a great deal of people.Do many meaningful things. I will Make contribution to my city and the society.

If I can became an teacher, they are my forever hopes. this will be my future, when a grade teacher's dream.

I will have a bright future.Now I will study hard and make preperation for my future.