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For every girl, they are annoyed by the overweigh problem all the time. Looking at the beautiful models shinning everywhere, who can resist the charm. The story about a girl lost her weight for love inspired so many people to be fit. Being fit for love is the best motivation.

The girl is named Claire, she was born to be fat. She just could not stop eating the food that contained a lot fat, such as ice cream, fired chips and so on. As she was so different from other girls, she was alone for a very long time until a handsome boy was attracted by her beautiful soul. Finally the boy proposed, but Claire was self-debased, she decided to lose weigh and then said yes.

Claire worked so hard to lose weight, she refused to the food she liked. She went to the gym every day. She eat the organic food. When ten months passed, claire lost more than 80 pounds, she became an attractive girl and said yes to her boyfriend's propose. When the couple took pictures, the girl were surprised, for the boy also trained his body just to company her.

Love her, then being fit with her, that's a direct way to show love.


Being Fit Together 共同进退
《Being Fit Together 共同进退》
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