Unforgettable Trip 难忘的旅行

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Since I went to college, I have made many friends and we shared the same interest. My friends and I liked traveling so much. We decided to travel abroad. The destination was Thailand. We spent ten days there and had a nice trip. It was such an unforgettable trip, and I learned a lot.

Firstly, it was my first time to travel abroad. My friends and I had made many preparations. We read the travel guide and chose the information that was useful to us. I classified the information and wrote down tourist sites. During the trip, I become much independent. Sometimes I even walked down the foreign street by myself, appreciating the beautiful scenery.

Secondly, I broadened my vision and enrich my mind. Before I came to Thailand, I needed to read some information, then I got to know this country's culture and their tradition. When I was in Thailand, I could feel its religious belief. What's more, there were so many foreigners here, and I talked to them happily.

Traveling is a good way to learn knowledge, and I know the importance of English. It is the key to know about the world.

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